The Beginning

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Date: 28 October 2007 15:14:28

So we woke up this morning to a grey, dank, overcast day. It was raining, as it does in all the best stories, and we knew that this was decision time. After getting the morning paper we drove up to the allotments for the meeting.

We had a quick prayer in the car to ask that God would ensure that I didn't lose my temper and that Dith wouldn't waffle on interminably. God was also asked to settle the minds of anyone who opposed our idea and left everything up to Him to sort out; after all we felt that He was the one that would make sure that this would succeed. Then we went to the meeting.

The rain seemed to have kept most of the committee away. We were met by the secretary who we had met last week and 2 other men; it was felt that we should wait a while longer but no else turned up. So we explained what we wanted to do. We allayed any fears regarding insurance and health and safety problems. One asked that we made sure that no weedkiller encroached on any other plot and he was very happy when we said that we believed in organic process rather than chemical.

So, as of tomorrow afternoon, we will be the proud renters of our first plot. Sustaining Life now has a home.

Many thanks to everyone who has wished us well over the last week. Your texts and verbal utterances have been a great help to us both. Now we have to begin planning for the work to begin and for the formation of a committee.