October targets met (or otherwise...) November's set

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Date: 01 November 2007 13:34:28

- The main priority in terms of research now is to look into how best to set-up our organisation. We need to decide how to define ourselves (voluntary org/charity/charitable business) in order to progress.
- We also need to look into the other elements that will be required to form a basis of our Constitution, Funding Applications and Business Plan.
- Various policies are also going to need to be in place before the practial work with other people can begin.
Targets: Approach local Community Support Workers for advice and assistance. Read up on available resorces online and elsewhere.

- It has become very apparant that forming a committee is vital at this stage. We will require the input of other people if we are going to make informed decisions about matters such as the ones mentioned above.
Target: Begin to approach people with the aim of asking them to join the committee. (Pray about this!)

- As I successfully collected the key on Monday, we now have a plot to work on! Therefore, we have some gardenig tasks for the cold November ahead. It requires thorough weeding and digging over, plus a liberal application of manure and/or compost. Thankfully, we have the support of Jon (Practical Help Man) to assist with this task. His wife has also expressed an interest in coming and seeing what we are doing, it would be good to have her input too.
Targets: Contact Jon to arrange visit and times for working on plot.
- We now need to think about the tools, clothing and other equipment necessary. This will need to be in place before we can begin to accept referrals, hopefully come next spring.
Target: Jeff has set himself the task of compiling an equipment list.

- We have decided to delay contacting the Christian organisation for ex-offenders until a more appropriate time
- My Smallholding Course begins this Tuesday evening (Nov 6th)

As you can see, it has been a busy and productive month and it looks to be getting even busier in the near future. Prayers for focus, energy, time-management and patience much appreciated. Thanks!