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Date: 28 November 2007 21:56:24

There has been some good progress recently. Computer illness has prevented posting before now, but here it is:

- Jon and his father-in-law have made a start on clearing the allotment plot and it is looking much better already. Jon himself has managed to gain a job as a Support Worker (well done!), but this does mean that he is likely to be less available. So, please pray for good weather and energy for me!

- I have begun my Smallholding Course. It is very interesting and my brain is enjoying the exercise every Tuesday evening. My body may well get to join in as the days lenghten!

- I had a chat with a Community Support Worker yesterday. He introduced me to the local Environmental Officer, who had lots of good advice and suggestions. We arranged to meet again on Sunday 9th Dec at 2pm, giving Jeff the chance to talk with him too. Hopefully a couple of other relevant people may also be able to make that meeting.

So, good news all round!