Target Report for November/December

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Date: 05 December 2007 18:54:05

With apologies for the delay in posting this, here are the targets met last month and set for the coming one:

- I had a meeting with a local Community Support Worker to find out some general start-up info. Although the CSW said very little about project start-up, he did us put in touch with the local Environmental Officer (potentially a very useful contact!)
- Online resources regarding committee/constitution/funding etc have been found and perused. We therefore have a better idea of what is required of us in this area.
Targets: Attend the agreed meeting with the Environmental Officer this coming Sunday at 2pm. Offer and glean information and mutual support at this time.

- Although we still have yet to form a committee, we have a better idea of how to run one given the above research.
Target: Progress with the formation of a committee, bearing in mind anything we may learn from Sunday's meeting.

- As reported, Jon has cleared surface vegetation from the plot and started the task of digging. Thanks to him and his father-in-law for that!
- Jeff has also successfully compiled an comprehensive equipment list, complete with costings.
Targets: Continue the practical work on the plot, perhaps with some help from contact via the Environmental Officer. Also, plan how the beds will be laid out for next season and begin to consider the task of obtaining seeds.

- The Smallholding Course has been very interesting and informative to date. The things I have learned will certianly prove useful in the long run, when we have livestock. I have one more session this month and then break for Christmas, after which there will also be some horticultural classes which should be of short term benefit also.

Thanks for your interested support, everybody, and please keep on praying!