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Date: 19 December 2007 12:17:17

The above title is a rough approximation of the noise made by my sister-in-law when I told her the news I am about to tell you.

We have been given a cheque for £500 towards the allotment project!

The story behind this piece of fab news goes something like this. Jeff and I have the pleasure of knowing a lovely couple who are setting up a church plant locally and I attend their Home Group when possible. I managed to make it to one last night and had a good time sharing food and fellowship. During this time Dai, the husband of the couple, asked me how the project was going. I updated him on the situation, mentioning our need for funds as part of the conversation. No agenda, simply sharing info with a friend. When the time came for us all to leave, Dai left the house in order to see another couple to their car. I later found this given reason to be a ruse to cover the fact that he wanted a private word with them, because he returned a few minutes later with the cheque.

It transpires that the son of this couple is a man of some means who wished to donate to a cause, specifically on in our locality, in lieu of giving his parents a christmas gift. When Dai heard of this, he immediately linked it with our project's funding need, and asked them if their son would consider this a suitable recipient for the money. Evidently the answer was yes, which led to Dai re-entering the house with the words 'I am now going to smack Judith's gob!'

Thankfully this was not a threat of violence for any heresy I may have inadvertantly uttered that evening and I was suitably gobsmacked by the generosity of this previously unknown donor.

As I said when I had sufficiently regained my composure, "Praise the Lord!"