Feb Update and March Targets

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Date: 02 March 2008 10:47:31

Although blog entries have been thin on the ground, the project has been ticking along nicely.

- Jeff has been in contact with our Trustees and identified the days of the week which would be most suitable for them to meet.
Target: To have held the first Trustees meeting by the end of March.

- The routine of one afternoon session per week has been kept up, even in the absence of Chris and the team on a number of occasions this month. (I have got to know Bob the Robin pretty well though.) Four entire beds have been dug over now, which is perfect for beginning our organic crop-rotation system.
- The greenhouse has now been paid for. I have marked up the (remaining!) panes of glass and tidied the contents ready for removal.
- The outstanding amount of plot rental has been paid. Chirs and I attacked the overgrowth of vegetation on the top plot last Thursday, for which I learned how to use a brush cutter. That was fun, and very satisfying!
Targets: Plant tender seeds under cover and begin to sow the hardier ones after the final frost has passed. Organise the removal of the greenhouse from its current situation to its new home on the top plot.

- Jeff has been doing some lay preaching, for which grateful congregations have paid him. We have decided that all such payments will be donated to the project. The first offering has been earmarked (by me) for some potting compost and a retrospective payment for some seeds.
Target: More of the same, please!

- I would like to make a specific prayer request at this point. Without betraying too much info, Chris' work situation is in need of some divine intervention. From his standpoint as a self-confessed atheist, he has admitted that 'a miracle' is needed. So lets send up some prayers for exactly that!