Social and Enterprising

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Date: 17 November 2012 22:24:07

Well, many things have been happening; one of these being the latest image change for this wiblog.

As Sustaining Life is no longer just focussing upon the 'Plotting to Improve' project, this is now reflected in the new name of this blog and picture in the header.  For those who are not aware, there is also a Facebook page for Sustaining Life where the details of our most recent activity - the stained glass project - can be found, along with information about the ongoing allotment work.  Find it at and please remember to hit 'Like' when you visit.

The title of this post may give some indication as to the latest direction of our work.  I have been taking some advice on setting up a Social Enterprise, revolving around providing various therapeutic activities for different client groups and organisations.  My role is to be a facilitator; identifying sources of funding, approaching potential clients and working alongside skilled people - in this case an experienced glass artist - to deliver enjoyable and meaningful activities.  The working title for this aspect of the work is 'Creative Catalyst'.  I would appreciate it if you could tell me if you like this or not.  Thanks.

We are still working at the plot, with a recent donation from Keep Wales Tidy making the wildlife pond possible.  You may remember that this was postponed in order to reallocate money to buy a replacement shed.  Well, we have had some new funding awarded so that our wildlife pond can finally be constructed.  The 'Plotting to Improve' allotment is still the foundational part of our work, but is now providing a basis from which to develop.  To branch out.

Please keep watching and praying, Wibfolk.  I believe there may be interesting times ahead. :)