Update for March/ April

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Date: 13 April 2008 15:25:43

With apologies for the delay.

- Jeff was in contact with our Trustees a while ago when he identified the days of the week which would be most suitable for them to meet. This needs to be followed up very soon.
- Due to the fact that there are potential clients waiting to use the service now (see March entry), it is important that various admin tasks are completed, including sorting out insurance. Apparantly, becoming associated with BTCV (for an annual fee) entitles community organisations to low cost public liability insurance, together with access to useful things like training and funding alerts. This is worth investigating.
Targets: For Jeff to re-establish contact with the Trustees with a view to holding the first meeting by the end of April. For Dith to contact BTCV in order the get certain things, like insurance, in place so that our first official clients can be taken on.

- The past month saw a quite a reduction in terms of the amount of time spent on the plot. This was due in part to other priorities and has been compounded by the fact that, sadly, Chris' current contract with BTCV has now ended. He will still be in the area, and hopefully not out of the picture completely, but his previous valuable level of input is currently no longer available. Another conequence of his finishing is that I will need to access the tools from another source.
- Due to a chance meeting, I have been offered some glass to replace the missing panes in the greenhouse.
I have also been offered a free shed by our friend Jon.
- Some inital seed-sowing has been done under cover and the potatoes have been put to 'chit' (produce shoots) ready for planting out.
Targets: Begin to plant out the hardy seeds after the last frost has passed and plant the potatoes. Follow up the offer of the glass panes and organise the removal of the greenhouse from its current situation to its new home on the top plot. Take a look at the shed to see if it is suitable. Speak to Matt, the local youth worker, who Chris has told me may be able to loan us tools until we buy our own. Keep in touch with the support worker of our potential clients in order to keep her informed of progress.

- Please continue to pray for all of these aspects of the project. I believe that we are entering quite a key time in its development and it is vital that we keep our eyes fixed on the Lord as it all unfolds. I know that I certainly need reminding that he is in charge of all this and that the success of this endeavour is not down to my meagre efforts. It would not have come this far if that were the case, I must not forget that! Thanks again for all of your support.