More developments

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Date: 11 November 2011 23:51:19

My most faithful Vol, and right hand man, D and I had cause to visit some people who are starting up their own allotment today.  The intention was to see if we could make use of some excess free stuff they have.  Not only was some of the stuff useful, but it was good to be able to exchange information.

It looks as though there may be some opportunities to share ideas and resources in the future, and they helped link me to people with some expertise in this area who may be able to shoulder some of the burden from now on.  This is more good news, people, and has given me some encouragement and a bit of energy and motivation to move things on a bit more.

We are now looking for a window of opportunity to get these trees planted.  Conditions have been far from ideal recently, so please be in prayer for the coinciding of times, people and weather.  Ta!

Our Secretary has also let me know that there is a very enthusiastic gent from their church who is interested in seeing what we do with a view to lending a hand.  I am waiting on a phone call from him, too.

Praise the Lord of Logistics (amongst other things) for bringing things together as and when they should be. :)