Spuds and stuff

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Date: 15 April 2008 15:57:54

With help from our friend Jon, I planted some seed potatoes at the week-end. The sight of two rows of dug and flattened earth, beneath which you know there to be proto-potatoes, it most satisfying. Also satisfying is getting back into the routine of going to the allotment, thanks to Jon for the motivation to do so. I am looking forward to seeing the spuds develop, and also to discovering whether the 'you can grow spuds in an old compost sack' advice from a gardening magazine is any good!

In other news, I would like to draw up a Sustaining Life logo. The idea I currently have involves one word on top of the other, with the first 'i' from 'sustaining' and the only 'i' from 'life' forming the trunk of a tree (or other suitable plant). The leaves and twiggy bits would be wound around the top word, or comprise it in some way, and 'life' would be the stronger, lower branches. The idea would be to have only two or three main colours, for impact and for economy! If any of you arty types can visualise that, or have a better idea, then please send your pics to my e-mail addy (on Facebook if you need to find it). Otherwise, this will be left to my amateurish scribblings. I'm sure that any submissions that end up in the final logo will find themselves rewarded with a suitable prize. Closing date - Monday 21st April (short notice out of necessity, sorry!). Watch this space.