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Date: 18 August 2011 21:20:33

Since my last post the following has occurred:

- The shed was built with the help of some most excellent volunteers

- The funding report was finished, submitted and approved

- I have started a new 'day job'.

Now, whilst those matters are all good news in and of themselves, the final one leaves me in a little bit of a quandry.  My new job takes up more of my time than the previous one and does not put me in such a good position for promoting the work we do - in fact it removes me from that arena entirely.  This adds to the difficulty I am having in staying focused on matters at the allotment, which I know our main volunteer finds frustrating.  Whilst I understand this, it is hard to keep the balance between work, the plot and other important life issues.

This means that I probably need to be finding a person or people to take some of the load.  We also need a functional Management Committee, cos it effectively consists of Jeff and myself at the moment, and we are really just keeping things in a holding pattern.  The day to day stuff at the project still carries on okay, but we do not want to see things stagnate or, worse still, run down.  This is my fear.  I am concerned that without sufficient input from a broader range of people, the project may suffer.

So, there is a real prayer request for you.  PLEASE ask that we will find those that we need to help carry the work forward.  I have put the word out as best I can, and have been attempting to find solutions, but a bit of Divine Intervention would not go amiss at this point.  Thanks.

In other news:  we have had some great crops recently and a couple of new regulars at the plot, so there are always things to be thankful for.  Also, the local ladies prayer group that meets monthly seems to have really taken us to heart, and a few kind souls from our local chapel also take an interest.   Note to self:  keep the faith!