April and May Updates Together

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Date: 30 May 2008 17:20:01

Life has been busy, our computer very sick. Here are the latest updates, written very quick.

- Funding application gone off today to a charitable trust. If succesful, we will be able to pay for insurance, association with BTCV, some training for me and a few pairs of safety boots. Decision to be made mid-June, so please be in prayer for this. Ta.
- Have also located another possible start-up grant which would enable us to cover the cost of the remaining tools and perhaps a nice new 'puter for the project. We need a constitution and a bank account before we can progress with this, so that is a priority for the coming months.
Targets: See above statements!

- It has been a good month on the plot, despite limited time. The spuds are growing well and and the beans, peas and sweetcorn have been sown under cover (with expert help from younger Nephew!) Weeds have been a pain, though, and more time/energy/help would be more than welcome.
- A few other people have expressed an interest in coming to the allotment, once the insurance etc. is in place. This is v encoouraging news, and should help with keeping rampant weeds under control!
- Still need to sort out short term tool loan, shed and greenhouse. Hoping to do so v soon.
Targets: Keep on with the planting - and do the tasks mentioned above!

Thanks again for your support, folks. It does help!