The saga of the greenhouse and other stories

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Date: 06 June 2008 16:08:58

The Saga of the Greenhouse
- We had a phone call the other day from the Secretary of the allotments to say that a couple of lads had taken over the plot on which our greenhouse now stands, and had offered to buy it. My first instinct was to say no, which I did. On visiting the plot the other day, however, my new friend Mr. Hill (not his real name) told me that the greenhouse would be well-nigh impossible to move, and that my best bet would be to sell it to the lads. He also informed me that Secretary had been given the greenhouse for free, and that the blokes on the plot had 'called him all the names under the sun' when they realised he had 'stolen from a charity' by selling it to us. Apparantly, the accepted ethic is to give these things away! The upshot of this is that the greenhouse is staying put as 'the girl' (that's me folks!) is selling it to 'the two boys', who are happy to pay me what I was charged for it.

Other stories
- The bid is now in for a start-up grant and I have had a phone message from the recipient. I need to return this call in order to discuss the application. Oo-er!
- I have had a letter from one of the guys who used to volunteer with BTCV Chris. This man, who I choose to call Rainbow Warrior, has offered to get involved again. He has a few things to deal with in the coming months, but we should see him coming on board again around Sept. This was a total surprise and is very exciting.
- The potatoes are romping on and I have got around to putting some onion sets in, which were kindly donated by a friend from work. Have also been offered some raspberry canes from a lovely chap at chapel. There is also rhubarb in our fridge from the 'bonus plant' I found hiding amongst the weeds in the top plot.
- Weeeeeeds! Please pray for a reasonably easy, effective and relatively organic solution to our weed issue. Otherwise I may have to resort to the poisoning method as advocated by my aforementioned friend, Mr. Hill!

Keep watching this space, people, it is all happening here!