Looking forward

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Date: 01 January 2011 22:02:59

Towards the end of last year, we planted Spring bulbs at the plot.  I love Spring bulbs.  They sit underground, doing their dormant bulb thing, then begin to grow when the conditions are appropriate.  This appeals to my sense of allegory.

The plot has seen some growth this last year and even has a number of new people volunteering there these days.  We have made more connections, gained more support and generally expanded our remit.  The plot itself is in its dormant stage at the moment, with the bulbs under the ground and other areas awaiting pruning, tending and sowing.  Yet there is that sense of expectation, that things are not dead so much as not-yet-alive.

I do feel like that generally, about my role at the plot and life in general.  I am looking into gaining funding in order to study counselling, which may well link into my day job and also this allotment ministry.  I would love to eventually be able to go into private practice and thus be able to counsel people from sources such as my current job and also via contact with the plot.   This feels a little like a bulb underground at the moment and I am awaiting the right conditions for something to come about.  I would appreciate it if you would join your prayers with mine for this.

Thanks, again, to all of you for your support over 2010.  Here's to an exciting and productive 2011! God bless.