Christmas Celebration (shamefully cut and paste from the latest newsletter)

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Date: 12 December 2010 17:07:42

On Saturday 11th December a number of allotment volunteers gathered together for a Christmas meal.  Torafen MIND generously offered the use of the kitchen facilities and dining room in their Wellbeing Centre in Pontypool for this purpose.

P helped Judith by decorating the room and setting up the tables in the dining area.  SB arrived first and made himself comfortable with a welcome cuppa.  The early arrival of A and SA was also no problem as it enabled someone to be sent out for  supplies— in the form of table cloth, festive napkins and the ever necessary  Christmas crackers.  Thanks A!

JO and JA were also invaluable support, helping by shopping for dessert and also in preparing food.  JA made a marvelous job of carving the turkey, whilst SA’s advice on the perfect gravy was most welcome.  Thanks to you all for your help, too.

The Christmas meal featured turnips, cape gooseberries and green tomato chutney from the allotment.  There was no trace of leftovers at the end of the dinner, which is always an excellent indicator of a meal which has been enjoyed  Everybody then lent a hand to make short work of the clearing up and went home well fed and happy.