Prayer requests

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Date: 30 September 2010 14:36:18

One of our newer 'plotters' has recently hit a very low point, requiring admission to the local psych ward.  Obv I cannot say more than that here, but please be in prayer for her safety and healing.  The Lord will know who you are talking about!

In the same vein, another new regular is having her Disability Living Allowance reviewed soon and is battling mental illness on a number of fronts.  She is a believer for whom I am attempting to obtain some prayer minitsry, with limited success as yet.  Please  be in prayer for her too.

In better news, S (of S and J, mentioned previously) is doing much better in herself.  We are also fairly busy with new people coming quite regularly now.  In addition, I am getting ridiculously excited at the variety of things that we are harvesting at present, first chilli pepper and turnip today (sorry, Jack, but the turnip was insufficiently thingy-shaped, I'll try to do better!)