Update and Targets for June/July

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Date: 01 July 2008 14:20:22

- As I said before, the decision on the funding app has been deferred until the end of July. I need to go back and do a re-write before that time. Sadly, the lack of funds and new working hours in my 'proper' job mean that I am unable to go to the training course as planned.
- Have managed to take a look at a draft constitution on the Chairity Commission website and some other places. Trusteed meeting now needed to collate the ideas and thus enable us to move forward with bank accounts etc.
Targets: Resubmit funding app and try to get to grips with forming a constitution. Also need to balance the few outgoings we have had this last month against the money donated previously.

- Lots of crops in; tatties, carrots, onions, peas, runners, sweetcorn, lettuce, radish, cabbage (gift from neigbouring plotholder). Some crops doing better than others.
- Weeds cut down on both plots and covered on bottom one.
- Greenhouse has a new home in its old home(!), no need to move it now. (See entry at beginning of June for clarification)
- Few new tools purchased from the December donation, these will suffice for now. Incidentally, small pair of workboots were bought for£2.00 from local charity shop recently.
- Picked my first blackcurrants from the bonus-bushes already on site. A superfood indeed.
Targets: Tend the crops, perhaps harvest some potatoes and soft fruit, continue to dig over and plant the unused growing areas, apply glyphosate to top plot and cover until Autumn.

That should keep us going for now.