Prayer points

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Date: 28 July 2010 22:01:15

As I have been more than a little remiss with updates recently, I thought I would post a copy of the prayer points that are distributed monthly to our local supporters.  Thanks for reading, WibPeople.

Prayer Letter

July 2010

Thanks again to everybody who has been taking an interest in the ministry of Sustaining Life at the allotments in Trevethin.  Please join us in prayer for these matters:

  1. We are pleased to report a successful AGM, which included the appointment of a new committee member.  Praise the Lord for answered prayer.  Those who attended the meeting tell us they enjoyed their visit to the allotments afterwards, particularly appreciating the opportunity to sample some of our produce.

  2. Please continue in prayer for the new people beginning to attend the project.  The work is becoming more widely known, resulting in more referrals.  Pray that those who most need to attend will hear of us and be encouraged to come.

  3. Please pray for the ongoing structural work, both on our plot and at the allotments generally.  We particularly need to complete the greenhouse and woodchip paths as a matter of urgency.  Also, the other allotment holders are in the process of constructing basic toilet facilities, which are much needed.

  4. Praise God that one of our regular volunteers was able to harvest a batch of lettuce and radish recently.  He subsequently donated it to his friends and neighbours on the council estate of Trevethin, where it was gratefully received.

  5. Pray also for the role that this same volunteer is playing in the work we do.  He is not a believer in Christ, but his contacts and involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous has been a great advantage to me, personally, in knowing how to approach those with alcohol problems.  Pray that the Lord will guide and protect him in his own journey.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.