July Update and August Targets

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Date: 09 August 2008 17:10:06

- We have been awarded £470 funding from the Chestnut Fund! Woohoo! This will enable us to pay for insurance and some basic tools. Once the tools have been delivered and the insurance is in place we can actually have volunteers on site. Very, very happy indeed!
Targets: Contact grant administrator to sort out the fine details and then get in touch with those on the waiting list in order for them to start practial work on site, hopefully by around mid-Sept. Still need to balance books, too.

- Have harvested a few tatties and tended the other veg. Leeks and cabbages donated by chap at chapel awaiting planting on.
- Weeds gone a bit bonkers again on bottom plot due to lack of time available to spend maintaining it. Evil weedkiller sprayed around on top plot, weeds keeled over up there.
- Have seen a poster in a local community centre offering practical help from volunteers, in association with VSO. Looks like it may be useful.
Targets: Plant on the veg from the chapel chap. Deal with the weeds and tend the veg. Contact VSO bloke to ask about some help from their team of volunteers.

Rejoice with me for the grant, Wibfolk, and please keep on praying. Thanks.