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Date: 27 June 2010 18:03:09

AGM went off well in the end.  Jeff and I got our reports ready in time, the Treasurer presented a healthy set of accounts, the Secretary took some good minutes (plus making a fab cuppa)  and the meeting was well attended.  Given that our membership is quite small at present, the proportion of people that responded to our invitation was very encouraging.

I was also very happy to show people around the plot.  Sometimes it is only when you take time to step back and reflect, seeing things through the eyes of other people, that you regain perspective.  We have come a long way and, despite the fact that there will always be more to be done, it is good to acknowledge that.  We also have a new committee member, which will help spread the load.  He is a very capable member of a local chapel and we are looking forward to having him on board.

More referrals are also coming in from my 'day job'.  So much so, that I will be needing to form a waiting list and/or call on extra on-site help soon.  It is not that there are a vast number coming, it is more a matter of the level of attention that each will require.  I ask the person who refers them to attend too, at least initially, but I would hate for someone who enjoys coming to be turned away simply because their Support Worker can no longer spare the time and we lack the manpower.

So, matters for prayer:

-  If possible, please be in prayer for us each Thursday and Saturday morning.  These are our scheduled 'work-day' sessions.  Particular prayer for this Thursday would be welcome, as I anticipate a number of newcomers that day.

-  Please pray for the fine balance I need to keep with the amount of people welcomed to the plot and also the relationship with my colleagues at work.  It is sometimes more difficult to persuade someone who knows you in one capacity that they need to respect your wishes (and the rules of your project) in another.  I sometimes get the impression that they are thinking,  'Ah, Dith won't mind me not hanging around at the allotment as requested.  She is a Support Worker after all and I know her from her job here.'  The thing is, when at the plot, I am more of a Co-ordinator than one-to-one Support Worker and I would like others to get their heads around that without it appearing as though I am being pushy.  Like I say, a fine balance needed!

-  Prayers for some lovely Christian volunteers to come forward and lend a hand on Thursdays would be most welcome too.

That should be enough to be going on with.  Thanks. :)