August Update and September Targets

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Date: 06 September 2008 21:57:25

- The majority of the tools provided by the Chestnut Fund have arrived on our doorstep. Most exciting!
- The cheque to make up the shortfall in the insurance funding has been sent.
Targets: Await the issue of the insurance documents in order to start volunteers on the project. Balance the books, also. Await the rest of the tools, chasing them up if necessary.

- A date has been set for our first Trustees meeting this month. Yay! The plan is to get a constitution and business plan drawn up, a bank account set up and to register ourselves as a company registered by guarantee.
Targets: Achieve the above!

- Was contacted by the Secretary of the allotments recently because our plots had got out of hand. Oh dear, this was not good! He was appeased by the fact that I plan to get hold of volunteers this month and begin to sort out the mess. I plan have the bottom plot sorted by the end of the month and set up the VSO group to clear the top plot in October. There is nothing like haviing a deadline to get a person moving!
Targets: Contact the prospective volunteers and get digging. Also, contact Matt the Youth Worker to borrow more tools so that I can then approach the VSO guy to raise the idea of a Big Dig.

Pray on people, especially with the timing of all this. If things are not sorted soon then we stand a chance of losing at least one of our plots. I have faith that this will not happen, but I would appreciate you standing by me in prayer for this. Thanks.