Bean Plotting

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Date: 04 June 2010 10:09:24

Had a runner bean masterclass recently from a true craftsman gardener.  JB, mentioned previously, is one of these guys who practically lives at the allotments.  I knew that I would soon need to erect a bamboo support for our bean plants, so I went to have a sneaky peek at how he had constructed his.  Naturally, the man himself was there, and was only too happy to give me a thorough tutorial.

Yesterday, I built my first ever runner bean support.  I had some help at the very end, as JB came to see how I was doing, but otherwise it was all my own work.  (Yes, I am inordinately proud of this achievement!)  The bean plants are now at the base of each bamboo cane ready to climb up and up, eventually providing allotment users with some lovely veg.  I hope.

In other news, S and J did not come this Thursday.  Please pray that they are okay, and will return.  We did have a brief visit from another potential service-user tho.  Thanks, as always, for your prayers and interest.