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Date: 11 May 2010 21:27:52

There may be those of you you remember our having been allocated a grant from Communities First last year.  Well, I have just finished compiling the end of project report, complete with receipts, stories, photos etc.  My brain hurts!  Please pray it safely on its way to Cardiff tomorrow, after I have passed all the fiddly bits of paper thru a copier and bunged it all in an envelope.

In other news - Committee Meeting tomorrow eve (Weds).  We shall be looking at re-election of officers (one or more are due to stand down) and planning for the AGM.  More prayer support here please.

Thanks to the Lord for a couple of new people attending the plot recently, came via word of mouth.  Colleagues in my 'day job' also planning to refer people to the project.

This role takes much of my time and energy.  Please also pray for wisdom for me as I decide on priorities in my life.