Testing the water

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Date: 09 March 2010 22:13:53

I, Dith, have been doing some very serious thinking recently.  This tends to make my brain hurt, but is necessary at times.  Here's the result of these thoughts:

I would like to be able to concentrate my efforts and energy on this project full time.  In order to do this, the ideal solution would be to find funding for a small salary and thus be in a position to quit my current  job.  Accessing streams of  grant funding could be less than ideal, however, as awarding bodies may wish to place conditions on any salary they fund.  This has not been a problem with requests for equipment etc, but is far more likely in the field of employing staff.

Consequently, I would prefer to approach God's people to request financial support.  This blog entry is really my way of dipping the first of my toes in the water.  If I have sufficient positive response to this, and other feelers I will be putting out, then I will feel able to follow it up.  So, with a little discomfort in asking, I have a question for you WibFriends.

Would any of you be willing and able to support me in this endeavour?

You need make no more commitment at this stage than a simple 'Yes' or 'No' in the comments box.  Any comments will obviously have their e-mail addresses attached and I will follow up any positive replies with more details via e-mail at a later date.

The other thing I would ask of you all is to pray for us as I consider this step.  I suppose it would be called 'living by faith', but at times it feels more like 'taking a risk' and 'scrounging from friends'!  It is not something to take lightly and believe me when I say that I am seeking real guidance with each step.

Thanks for your support, WibFolk, it helps!