Plotting the Plot for 2010

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Date: 17 January 2010 16:32:50

Apologies for being away for so long. Here is a brief update of the recent allotment stuff and our hopes for 2010.

The raised bed materials, formerly at the side of our house, have now been turned into the raised beds. The green manure seeds have been sown and are currently growing into some rather lovely grazing rye plants. We have also sown some wild flower mix, with the intention of attracting bees and butterflies to the plots in the spring. We now have a lovely flagstone path leading to the shed, which currently contains the materials for making the greenhouse.
Our key volunteers have recently gained certificates in First Aid, which is lovely for them. Environmental Chris has now got a full time job locally, which is really good for him as our funding for his work had ended. He is enjoying being part of the project, tho, and intends to continue to support what we do.

In terms of forward planning, we need to complete the paths and also to get the greenhouse erected. Naturally, the next few months will see the sowing of seeds and hopefully being able to bring some of them on in the greenhouse. We also have the arduous task of ensuring that the funding we gained last spring is spent on the items we outlined before the deadline in March 2010.
Other important plans are for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (scheduled for Feb/March) and for raising awareness of the project. We hope to gain support from the local Christian community, in terms of prayer and perhaps volunteers and finance. We also need to publicise the project amongst potential service-users.

All we need now is for the snow to thaw thoroughly in order to get back to the allotment!