A very delayed update

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Date: 24 August 2009 21:34:48

Hello, WibFolk, sorry to have been gone for so long.  Chasing my tail, plus some technical problems, have caused the prolonged absence - but here we are again with a lot of news.  First, the building of the shed:

[caption id="attachment_101" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Work begins on the base"]Work begins on the base[/caption]

Hmm, it would seem that technology prevents me from posting any more pics than that rather fine one of Environmental Chris.  Rest assured, the shed is practically finished.  Once we have got hold of a long enough ladder, we will be able to put the final trim on and it will be done, dusted and waterproof.  (Please be praying that the roof does not blow away in the meantime.  Seriously, I just had a phone call from the Allotment Sec warning me of this while typing the blog post.)

Other progress has been in the form of some lovely crops - a bountiful amount of spuds, lettuce and radish, plus our first pickings of cabbage and courgette in recent weeks.  We also managed to harvest a few blackcurrants too. Mmmm.  The sweetcorn are looking promising and the rather bizarre looking Jerusalem Artichokes planted very early this year have done a brilliant job of growing into a very effective windbreak.

The raw materials for the raised beds currently occupy a fair amount of space at the side of our house and we have other items in our garage and at the plot itself awaiting the opportunity to become pathways - both of paving slabs and of woodchip on membrane.  Some organic grazing rye seeds delivered the other day are in a box in the back room for the time being.  We plan to sow them this coming Thursday in order to form ground cover over the winter.  Come the spring, the resulting plants will be cut down and dug into the plot to add nutrients.  This is known as the process of adding green manure - clever, eh?

Other matters have progressed regarding raising awareness of  and support for our work, as well as moving towards a time (alebeit slowly) when we will be able to take referrals for people to attend the allotment as therapy.  Watch this space and I will tell you more details . . . I may even be able to find a way to add the shed photos too!